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FREE photo session
This is where it all starts. Your personal outdoor photo session. It is perfect for small and mid-sized families and groups of friends.
We will work together to select the best location for your photos. For families common spots include city parks, beaches and other locations with beautiful scenery.
If you are a business owner please get in touch with me so we can discuss your goals and how we can achieve them best.
Book your outdoor photo session now to receive the following:
Photographer's time and talent hire for the duration of the photo session
Access to a personal online gallery
Valid for a group of up to 6 people
Doesn't include any images
Digital package
The Digital photo package is perfect for people who live their lives on the web.
It includes web size photos which are ideal to be shared with friends and family on social networks or via email as well as a bunch of high resolution photos which are suitable for prints up-to a certain standard if you are more of a DIY type of person. No judging. We love you all! :)
20 Web size photos
10 High resolution photos

SilverĀ package
This package combines the best of both worlds.
High resolution photos for those who live modern life and want to share them with others as well as high-quality prints if you prefer the magic feel of the paper copy. The package is complemented by an astounding canvas print that can be proudly shared with all your guests.
20 High resolution photos
20 Prints
1 Medium Size Canvas Print

Gold package
This is the package for those who want it all.
It has fantastic full resolution photos that can be used to produce your hard-copy photos, enlargements and even canvas prints. Not that you will need them as it also contains prints, acrylic block for displaying your favourite photo, a stretched canvas print that is ready to brighten you home as well as a rectangular photo book that will hold your photo memories in one place.
20 Full resolution photos
20 Prints
1 Acrylic block
1 A5 Photo book
1 Medium Size Stretched Canvas Print

Fine print:
All prices are in Australian dollars.
A La Carte Menu*
For everyone who likes to be in control.
Digital photos
from $29
Digital photos are a must have in this day and age. They can be shared online or stored on your hard drives at home or in the cloud. The main thing is that they are yours to keep or print.
Full resolution photo
High resolution photo
Web size photo

Prints and enlargements
from $4.90
Prints are perfect for all those who love the touch of the paper. If you don't own a computer or a smartphone, or you just want to look at your photos without distractions - prints are just for you.
Sizes starting from 4x6 inches
Lustre finish, metallic or art paper.
Lustre is a professional finish which is a cross between gloss and matte.
Metallic prints provide a distinctive eye-catching metallic pearl-like finish.
Art paper is a finely textured paper slightly rough to the fingertip.

from $79
Oh! Those gorgeous wall mounted pieces of art. Yes! You can have your own eye-catching exhibit in your home. Select your size and frame finish: canvas only or stretched canvas for the lazy ones. :)
Sizes starting from 11x11 inches
Stretched canvas or canvas only print

Acrylic blocks
from $99
Show-off your fantastic photo with one of these pieces of art. The freestanding acrylic blocks with a slot for easy insertion of your photo are a stylish addition to your home or office.
Sizes starting from 5x7 inches
Slim (26mm) and Premium (40mm)

Photo books
from $99
Gorgeous premium hard cover photo book finished with gloss laminate to cherish your photo memories. Excellent addition to any coffee table.
Sizes starting from A5 format (14x21 cm)

Fine print:
* A minimum order amount of $399 applies to all orders. Most clients will spend more than this amount.
All prices are in Australian dollars.
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