Photo services

Based on your needs we will work together to select the concepts that will grow your business and bring new clients through the door. We will select the location, props and subjects for your project.
Photo packages

These are perfect for businesses who need photos for their online presence or who would like to use the photos in any aspect of their business.
The packages include web size photos which are ideal for online ads on Facebook and Instagram. The photos can also be shared on your social media channels as posts or even added to your email newsletters to attract more sales.
The high resolution photos allow you to use them for your website, print them on posters, banners and even billboards. They can also be used as part of your online ad campaigns and used in your social media posts. The high resolution photos are the best choice if you would like to use the content in the years to come.
You will get
📸 Web size photos
Small in size - Ideal for online ads and social media posts
📸 High resolution photos
High quality - Suitable for all your business needs
📷 Website
📷 Posters
📷 Banners
📷 Billboards
📷 Online ads
📷 Social media
Video services

Create a video that showcases your product or business, increases brand recognition and brings in warm leads.
🎥 Create a video business card that will attract potential clients and establish your as a leader
🎥 Create a website video showcasing your business and its strengths
🎥 Create a social media ad attracting more leads and potential clients
🎥 Create a how-to video helping your clients use your product and potential customers recognizing you as a leader in your professional area
📺 YouTube channel
📺 Website
📺 Other social media platforms
Price quotations will be provided after determining the scope of the video project. Discounts will be applied to larger projects and bulk orders.
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